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Plumbing Company

we are here to service all of your plumbing needs with solutions you can depend on.

What We Do

Residential and Commercial

Plumbing problems have the potential to be urgent. You can expect fast service when you call Medina Plumbing  & Heating.

Water Heaters

Living without hot water is just not an option for most folks. If your water heater isn’t producing like it should, give

Fast Plumbing Repairs

You can expect fast service when you call Medina Plumbing. We can stop the damage and get things back to normal.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services

We take pride in servicing the entire home. We know that plumbing issues within the home are daunting and unfortunate, but we are here to help. We know that your time is precious so we will work as efficiently as possible to get the job done. Our residential services have been perfected over the years, so we are ready for any home plumbing problem.

We’re committed to keeping your plumbing system reliable day in and day out. No matter what size of plumbing job that you require, our team of plumbing technicians can get it done right the first time and without cutting corners. Utilizing only the most advanced equipment and methodology in the industry, each of our emergency plumbers is highly trained to work on all types of plumbing systems.

Medina Plumbing is based on a solid foundation of an honest plumbing practice. We are the trustworthy plumbing authority you’ve been looking for. We are here to assist you so that your home runs smoothly.