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  • Daily usage of the plumbing system

In the commercial space, daily plumbing usage is greater compared to that of residential. This is as a result of frequent use by more clients and employees. In a residential setup, only the family is dependent on the system, thus requiring less pipe fitting and outlets

  • Size and durability of the plumbing system

As a result of more usage of commercial plumbing, large fixtures with longer durability and high grading should be used. This will reduce cases of break down due to strain and pressure. For household systems, plumbing systems are smaller, and low-grade pipe fixtures might be used as they do not undergo such frequent use.

  • Difference in complexity

Commercial buildings might have multiple floors, lots of sinks, and multiple toilets and urinals, while residential buildings typically have simple and easy navigation through the building. This means that commercial plumbers need to understand a more complex building structure.

  • Health issues

More people tend to visit commercial buildings, especially places like restaurants, so there’s a need to follow strict health care laws and ensure good hygiene in your plumbing system. Homes are more easily manageable due to fewer and more controllable occupants. As a result of this, commercial plumbing requires different sets of plumbing fixtures which are easy to clean and drain off quickly.

  • The efficiency of the plumbing system

No system is perfect and damages might occur at any point. A clogged bathroom in a commercial system might pose a difficulty to many people, and needs to be fixed quickly. It’s advisable to hire a professional who’s experienced in dealing with commercial plumbing because damage that seems small might create a problem through the entire foundation of the piping system.

  • Probability of damage

The complicated plumbing systems in commercial facilities are more prone to damage compared to residential plumbing, which is less complex. Damage to residential plumbing is limited due to the smaller size of the plumbing system, whereas damage to a commercial plumbing system can be a disaster, especially if your workspace covers multiple floors.

  • The difference in water heaters

For commercial heaters, large storage tanks and more gas input levels are required as commercial buildings have more people who require larger amounts of hot water than in residential homes. Tanks for commercial use are larger and can take up to 250 gallons, while residential heater tanks are typically no larger than 100 gallons.

  • Job knowledge prerequisites

Commercial plumbing is more schedule oriented, for instance, a repair to be done on an existing building has to be done well within the time frame as more people depend on it, and delays can lead to losses. 

About this Process

For preventative maintenance, get professional commercial plumbing services for your plumbing issues. Whether you manage a restaurant, supermarket, or shopping mall, Medina Plumbing will get the job done right.l

  • Sensor toilets and faucets
  • Floor drains
  • Water heater installations and repairs
  • Garbage disposals
  • Sewer repairs
  • Fixture replacements
  • Water pipe repairs

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